Creek Kindy Program

Rocks and pebbles under foot,  the smell of fresh air, the sound of trickling water and wind in their hair – there is no better way to learn and appreciate our natural world…

In such a technologically dominant society, children are becoming less and less in touch with mother nature.

Our programs are designed to introduce the children to their natural surroundings as the first five years of a child’s life is such an
important developmental stage.

This program is best designed for 3-5 years old’s and will introduce the children to some of the local native animals they may come across in their local creeks and waterways.

Utilising our “Habitat Banners” creates a visual display of where each animal would live.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Where each animal lives within their habitat
  • What they would eat
  • How they defend themselves
  • Things we can all do to help them survive and to protect our creeks and waterways

Be bring along local Native Animals which the children may find in and around our creeks and waterway such as:

  • Local lizards (including Water Dragon, Bluetongue lizard, Goanna)
  • Python
  • Possum or Glider
  • Bird
  • Frog
  • Turtle

The children are encouraged to explore their local creeks and surrounds both during the day and at night to see what animals may inhabit them. (with an adult of course)