During this show, we will introduce the students to some of our interesting and strange invertebrates we have living here in Australia.

As part of the students “Minibeast Module” they will learn:

  • What types of habitat each bug would live in
  • Invertebrate groups
  • What foods they would eat
  • Brief life cycle talk – how they can change
  • How they defend themselves
  • How we can attract them to our gardens
  • How we should interact with bugs
  • How to safely explore for bugs outside
  • Why they play an important role in our ecosystem

The students will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of our amazing critters.

By allowing the children to touch some of the bugs, our goal is to create an element of empathy and the urge to want to protect our bugs and their habitats as well as an understanding of the important role each plays in our Ecosystem.


Girl with stick insect on face.