Australian Animals

The students will learn about some of the iconic species only found in Australia.

The areas we will explore with the children include:

  • Animal groups (Reptile, Mammal, Bird, Amphibian, Invertebrate)
  • Features which help them survive
  • Where each animal is found
  • What they would eat
  • How we can all help with their survival

Utilising our different “Habitat Banners” provides a visual display of where each animal may be found.

Our shows are very interactive and hands-on.

By allowing the children to touch the animals, our goal is to create an element of empathy and the urge to want to protect our Wildlife and their habitats.

Animals the children will meet include:

  • Lizards
  • Python
  • Turtle or Frog
  • Saltwater Crocodile
  • Possum
  • Bird