Backyard Buddies & Sustainability

South-East QLD is home to many unique species of Wildlife, many of which can be found in our own backyards.

The children will learn about “Local Native Species” which they may come across both at home, at school, or at local reserves and parks.

In order to become “Backyard Buddies”, they will discover creative ways to make homemade habitats for our local species to inhabit right in their own backyards.

Many people are unaware of the important role each of these animals plays in our survival.

The students will learn that in order for our native animals and us to survive, sustainable changes in our lifestyles need to be made to ensure all of our futures.

Animals the children will meet which they may find in their local area might be:
● Lizards
● Python
● Turtle or Frog
● Possum/Glider
● Bird

The children are encouraged to explore their own backyard and surrounds both during the day and at night to see what animals may call their backyard home.